Today we went downstairs to do inventory and peeked into a few of our old SKS crates, only to find that we had a copious amount of Sure Shot targets just sitting there. In our humble opinion, that's a terrible waste of potential fun, so we're blowing out ten packs of the 1lb targets for $89.99. We also offer the single 1lb targets for $10.99.

You can order the ten pack HERE for $89.99

Or you can get individual 1lb targets HERE for $10.99

And of course some more in depth info on Sure Shot;

Inside every target are a double sealed amount of pre-weighed catalyst, instructions insert and a sealed bag of base chemical. The bag doubles as a mixing container to expedite preparation. You can have a target ready to shoot in 60 seconds or less! To detonate a set-up target, it must be shot with a rifle projectile traveling faster than 2200 FPS.

Have fun, but use responsibly. Please follow all set up instructions and safety guidelines outlined within the enclosed insert.

Technical Information

Utilizes highest quality explosive chemicals available commercially for personal use
Catalyst is pre-weighed and sealed no scooping or guessing
Base chemical bag serves as mixing container
Formula is not affected by differing climates or environmental conditions
Fast set up time 60 seconds or less!
Guaranteed 7 year shelf life

Warning: Misuse of this product can result in serious bodily injury, destruction of property, and/or loss of life or limb. Keep away from children. Use eye and ear protection and follow all firearm safety standards. Use only in clear areas free from all flammable material and debris that could become projectiles. Use at a minimum distance of 50 meters. By mixing this product, you state that you understand and will follow these directions, and release the producer and/or distributor of this product from any liability from the use or misuse of this product. Misuse of this product is a violation of federal law.

This product must not be mixed away from the location of use and should be detonated soon after mixing. Do not transport mixed product. Do not resell mixed product. Do not store mixed product. Comply with all local, Provincial, and federal rules and regulations regarding use of and/or disposal of mixed and undetonated product.

Once mixed, it is considered an explosive material so you can not transport it or store it without proper licensing (it must be mixed and shot on site).

Made In Canada

PAL Required.