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    New solid state dehumidifier for safes?

    After watching bigclive's recent video on a freaky dehumidifier I e-mailed the manufacturer to ask if it could work for a gun safe and they said "absolutely, if you have power available inside your safe."

    They gave me pricing ($166USD plus $12USD shipping) and information (draws 3 watts continous) on the model RDH-31P which is good for up to 12cu ft (Stack On 18-Gun Cabinet from Canadian Tire is 12cu ft). For larger safes (up to 35cu ft) you would need RDHC-5P1 which is $344USD plus $40USD shipping.

    You would need to drill a 1 inch hole through your safe then mount this device inside your safe, over the hole you drilled.

    Unit we're talking about is on the right:

    What it looks like inside:

    This is the back of the device that mounts against the safe wall/over the hole you drilled:

    I think I might give it a try

    -Jamie M.

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    $166USD plus $12USD is $231.31Cdn. as of today. A 25 watt light bulb with the wiring will cost less than the shipping.

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    google 'golden rod dehumidifier' also consider adding LED lighting if your adding power into your safe.

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