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    Senator Dalphond has eight questions he wants the committee to ask themselves about this bill. #1 is “What are the problems that the bill wants to solve?”

    Senator Yonah Martin, the deputy leader of the opposition in the Senate, asked Dalphond: “This legislation seems to address restricting and regulating the legal firearms owners who already are very, very restricted. … Can you explain why there aren’t any provisions in this legislation that address either the criminal use of firearms or the problem of gun and gang violence?”
    Fight Bill C-71 by visiting now with new printable/editable versions
    An Open Letter to Canadian Gun Owners

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    Mine wasn't fancy (because I didn't have time to put too much thought into it--I'll send another later).

    Dear Senator,

    I’m writing to you in opposition to Bill C-71 in an effort to convince you that voting in its favor would be irresponsible.

    I will keep this short. I prefer that you spend time contemplating the true purpose of this bill and analyzing the facts about gun-related crime in our country. It should be clear by now that it has nothing to do with solving the problem of gang violence and criminal activity, and everything to do with pushing the long-standing agenda of banning firearms. Simply put, this is an election issue used to buy votes from those with an irrational fear of legal gun ownership.

    The government’s stated intention of Bill C-71 is to prioritize public safety and respond to increasing trends in gun crime and violence, yet it would seem that the majority of the proposals are focused on lawful firearms users. The government is painting a picture of alarming trends in firearms-related crime and violence to justify the proposed measures and to show action on election platform promises of 2015. Targeting lawful firearms users will not help them achieve their intended goals. Criminals pay no mind to gun legislation.

    The stats being used to support the need for Bill C-71 reference 2013 (lowest criminal homicides in 50 years) as a baseline to suggest we have a growing problem with firearms in Canada. However, the facts show a long-term decline in firearm-related crime.

    Thank you in advance for voting against gun owner harassment.

    Yours sincerely,
    Thank you for sharing your concerns about Bill C-71 with me and my Senate colleagues. I'm pleased to hear from Canadians about this issue. You've made some valid points, and I will certainly keep your concerns in mind when the bill is before the Senate for a second look.


    Hon. Elaine McCoy, Q.C.
    Alberta Senator

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    My response to Senator Dalphond.


    You are correct in one thing. All firearms are dangerous when misused. Aside from that, you are so wrong that it is not possible to address everything in one email.

    Just as with cars, aircraft, and most useful tools it is the very thing that makes them dangerous that also makes them useful to the innocent.

    And it is past time that the government of Canada abandon the vicious program designed to disarm the innocent. Abandon that vicious lie, “You don’t need a gun, you have police to protect you.”

    Police are too heavy for Canadians to carry, but if we could, how would they protect us? With a firearm.

    Canadians have a right to life, to liberty, to security of the person.

    They have a right to arms with which to fulfill their responsibility to protect the lives, liberty, and security of the persons they love.

    And sometimes the arm required is a firearm!

    And no politician, no bureaucrat, nor any well-meaning busybody is qualified to interfere with their decisions.

    Far from needing C-71, that vicious attack on the rights of the innocent, this country desperately needs repeal of criminalization, prohibition, and the requirement to demonstrate need that leaves the innocent at the mercy of the vicious thugs, the gangbangers that the bounders who penned this legislation pretend it is about.

    Your fatuous remarks should have been replaced with an effort to determine what the law actually requires of the innocent.

    For shame!
    To show that men can travel to the moon and return, use the American experience.

    To show that public safety isn’t hurt by responsible individuals carrying to protect life, use the American experience.

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    Post #13. Several of your usual points, but delivered with an exceptional witty flair.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RangeBob View Post
    Post #13. Several of your usual points, but delivered with an exceptional witty flair.
    Yessir, that one is exceptional. A good read indeed!
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    "The most important thing you can do in your life is not interfere with somebody else's life."

    -- Frank Zappa

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