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    Quote Originally Posted by Magmalis View Post
    I have 2 nightfirce scopes right now. I run a 4-14 SHV with FFP on my hunting rig in MOA with and MOART reticle. It is my favorite for hunting.
    I also have a B.E.A.S.T. on my 338 Lapu AI with the same reticle that I might send back to get a horus type reticle put into it.
    i'm reading about FFP VS SFP. i think i'd prefer having the crosshair keeping it's size at any magnification VS a crosshair kind of enlarging at the same rate as the magnification increase. i'm guessing that at higher magnification , the SFP let you fine tune you shot better maybe , because THE dot isn't covering a larger part of the target like a FFP does ,henjce the kind of consensus about trying to keep the magnifying as lowest as possible with a FFP.......of course i'm no expert,i'm learning the ropes of the many different reticles available ,and i try to understand how to choose . i see i'm a long way to go........ for nightforce, it,s really my 1st choice. however, along my research , i learned that the thing to keep in check is litterally the glass themself; seems like NF don't provide the same exact quality glass from batch to's been discussed in lenght on sniperhide and sniper central ; while nothing that would cold shower my decision because what really count to me is the exact repeatability,and reliability . however, with the price asked for the one i want, i think that i ow to myself at least giving some thoughts about a of right now, there's more chances than not i will end up with a NXS 5.5X25X56 illuminated ....

    honestly,if i was 100% set on the reticle i need,the purchase would already be a done deal.

    edit: after looking at the vid couple times, the MOA-H is really growing on me.instead of turning the knobs, you just use the different dots nwich allows you to keep the '''standard''' zero@100 at all time.
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    I was hoping he would show up and do something useful in front of the cameras. Like beat the flames out with his face.
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    This intellectual midget needs to rub the contents of a large tube of PREPARATION H on his ego and then smack himself with the empty tube until he's in a permanent coma. !

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    I have nothing bad to say about Nightforce and I am definitely not a brand loyal fanboy.

    Sfp is only true at a certain magnification. So a 24x scope is only 1 MOA per hash mark on 24 power. It is 2 moa at 12x and 4moa ar 6x and 8moa at 3x and a lot 9f math at 5.465x.

    A ffp is true at any magnification. The hash Mark's are always at 1 moa. The downside is your reticle gets smaller and the reticle design is generally thicker so u can see it at the lower magnification.

    FFp is good for shooting multiple shots at different distances and magnification. Sfp is more of an every man's deal.

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