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    What about the browning AB3? It was a serious contender for me when I was shopping. It should be more than capable for distance, fit a hunting role very well, and seems like a decent bargain.

    The only irritation is you either spend an extra $90 on specific scope mounts, or go batty looking for the after market rails.

    I did see some cheaper options for mounts at bass pro, but I don't remember if they were quality. Probably not.

    Also as for caliber I hear the .260 rem is every bit as capable as the creedmore, it was the marketing department that fell flat on that cartridge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kennymo View Post
    Where are you buying your .308? I haven’t seen Creedmore under $50 a box anywhere local. Though I suppose if you were buying match ammo the .308 costs go up. I was thinking more along the lines of some Federal blue box or some such for the possible deer hunting.
    Federal non Typical Whitetail ammo which is $35-$40 a box and Federal Blue box is on it's way which will be around $30 a box for the 6.5 Creedmoor

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    The Browning AB3 is right about $600-700... Even with a mail in rebate that still puts it on the above what I'd like to spend right now. Especially if I have to tack on another $90 for scope mounts and then a scope on top of that. At that point I'd probably just save up more money and look into more expensive guns.

    What's the price like for .260 Rem rounds though? And, more importantly, availability?

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    A few thoughts:

    I wouldn't consider a 6.5 CM if I didn't reload.
    How long will the fad continue?
    Is it in every store? Is it always in stock?

    The CM doesn't do anything that the 260, 6.5x55 or 6.5/06 won't do better.

    My buddy's girlfriend has an Axis in 223, and I have one in 204.
    I don't want to like them, but the silly things will shoot well.

    The scope that comes on the Axis package is crap.
    It's less Bushnell and more 'Bushnell'
    It's a $40 scope, and that's being generous.
    The Vortex one is a serious step up.

    I know nothing about the Patriot, but I think Cabelas has one for sale at $319.
    When an Axis is knocking on $500, there can't be too many frills there.
    Is there any chance of getting decent accuracy? I honestly don't know.

    So many fun guns to look at these days for so little money.
    Even 15 years ago it would have been hard to imagine that you could expect to do any long-ish range shooting with a new rifle for ~$500, but here we are.
    Don't blame me, I didn't vote for that clown. Oct 20, '15

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    My son recently bought a Mossberg in 6.5 CM, I haven't had a chance to try it out yet but i'm looking forward to wringing it out. Rory has some good points above. I have a 783 in 22-250 that is a good shooter but I took the scope off before trying it out, not even a name on it just 3x9. Son also has a Salvage Axis in 270 that is an okay shooter but no tack driver, scope is bottom end Bushnell, I have seen 2 other Salvage package rifles have the scope fail while sighting in. I consider the scopes on these package rifles as disposable or suitable for rimfires. Get as good a scope as affordable. As for caliber it's 6 of one a 1/2 dozen of the other, they all work if they hit where you aim.

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    For the last couple of years I have been building all my target and varmint rifles based on the Howa action.
    For the money, its hard to beat the Vangard rifle line.
    One warning of caution. Don't buy a package deal of rifle and scope unless you get the scope packaging and warranty papers along with the rifle. Otherwise you will most probably get what is called a third party scope. A third party scope can have any name on it , but is made under contract in china = junk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    Lee Enfield,
    A TC? Is that a Tikka?

    Also, the Savage I was looking at (link is the rifle name in the original post) comes with a Bushnell 3-9x40 scope, which even if it isn't a great scope itself is still good value. (The rifle is cheaper than some of the others plus has a scope, which the next cheapest... the Patriot 6.5cm doesn't have one.)

    I guess the main problem is a wealth of choice making it tough to choose.

    Though for scopes, when it comes to Bushnell's 3-9x40 and Vortex's crossfire II 3-9x40, are there aspects that make one better than the other?
    I know it's probably better to buy a nice high end scope (Leupold or something like that) though, but it's an extra/increased cost that'll have to wait for now.
    My buddy loves his TC venture. He could and I mean could afford any gun he wants. But chose that. I loved my Weatherbly Vanguard.

    Personally I would avoid 6.5 creedmoore. You probably would have to goto the city to get ammo, or order it in.

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    Dad had an Axis-with-scope combo in .223 several years back, just for plinking at the range.

    2 things did it in for him. First it would not ignite surplus 5.56, or anything of the steel case genre I had.

    And he found the mag painfully difficult to load the last round in.

    Otherwise he was happy with it.
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    How easy is it to find 6.5 Creedmoor ammo or brass, locally? Cabela's Canada, for example, wants $52.99 per 20 for Hornady Superformance 129 grain SST(they only list Hornady and No$ler), plus shipping and Hazmat fees. So it's available via mail order, but that's expensive. .30-06 is everywhere.
    The rest of it is a personal preference and your budget. Mind you, the Patriot isn't so much an entry level rifle as the Axis or 783.
    "...imagine a 30-06 is..." Actually a .308 and .30-06 are pretty much the same with like bullet weights and velocities. Difference between a synthetic stocked, scoped, Patriot and a walnut stock is half a pound. 7.5 vs 8. That's the half inch difference in length. You wouldn't notice the difference in felt recoil.

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    The bottom line is that you have to get what appeals to YOU.

    The 6.5 creedmore is here to stay for a good while yet. It's more expensive and a bit harder to get than other calibers, but it's certainly not impossible.

    I ended up choosing .308 when I set up my long range rifle. I would have preferred 7mm Rem Mag, .300WM or 6.5CM etc. for the superior ballistics. However, I bought it to learn with, which means high volume shooting.

    My reloading set up is finally complete as I cherry picked each component according to my needs, so I can finally tweak my ammunition to the rifle. I can get .308 bullets both in the store and online, but 6.5 is often out of stock, and 7mm barely becomes available before it's gone.

    The other calibers are far from un-doable, but with .308 Win it is virtually guaranteed that I'll always be able to get my hands on something I can work with. That was important in my decision.

    Same thing as scopes and rifle choice.

    My buddies roll their eyes and scratch their heads when I opt to dial in my shots with a Vortex FFP when I could have used the money to buy Leupold and a browning.

    3-9x and a pencil barrel are fine for deer. In fact any more than that and you're probably just wasting money.

    When it's YOU behind the rifle, you want to enjoy the look and feel of the rifle, the scope, and the ammo.

    No matter what you choose, you'll find people are going to shrug at your choices and try to make you justify them.

    I like laying in the grass and bushes in awkward positions and trying to hit small targets at ever increasing ranges. I like taking the readings and doing the math. I often have to shoot alone because what's fun for me will bore others to tears.

    Remember you can change the rifle and ammo later, even on a budget.

    If a certain something whether it be rifle, scope or cartridge is calling to you, that's what you should go for!

    I've played with a few loaners in various configurations, they all work. You won't be disappointed with your choice in caliber, rifles can be modified and scopes can be swapped among rifles.

    Try not to think too hard, you'll drive yourself crazy and every six months you'll learn something that makes you want to change your set up anyways.

    Good luck!

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