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    Quote Originally Posted by Rory McCanuck View Post
    A few thoughts:

    I wouldn't consider a 6.5 CM if I didn't reload.
    How long will the fad continue?
    Is it in every store? Is it always in stock?

    The CM doesn't do anything that the 260, 6.5x55 or 6.5/06 won't do better.

    My buddy's girlfriend has an Axis in 223, and I have one in 204.
    I don't want to like them, but the silly things will shoot well.

    The scope that comes on the Axis package is crap.
    It's less Bushnell and more 'Bushnell'
    It's a $40 scope, and that's being generous.
    The Vortex one is a serious step up.

    I know nothing about the Patriot, but I think Cabelas has one for sale at $319.
    When an Axis is knocking on $500, there can't be too many frills there.
    Is there any chance of getting decent accuracy? I honestly don't know.

    So many fun guns to look at these days for so little money.
    Even 15 years ago it would have been hard to imagine that you could expect to do any long-ish range shooting with a new rifle for ~$500, but here we are.
    yes guns are cheap now but years ago sako was 300$ when you made 5$ per hr.

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    Quote Originally Posted by glockfan View Post
    the only thing one must be warned about before diving into the creedmore , is barrel life ; the 6.5 accuracy starts to drop at around the 2500 rounds mark ,the 308 ,you can double even triple its barrel life . when i say barrel life ,it means when the groupings start to open noticeably.
    Do tell. I'm shooting a Savage LRP in 6.5 CM and a custom stainless 6.5 CM whose barrel started out as a lightly used 6.5 BR which we recut the chamber to CM spec, and I'm not noticing any of which you refer to.
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    Stainless axis with accu-trigger is a decent budget rifle...put it in a Boyds and youre styling! 783 is another good budget rifle, just wished they came in stainless.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hawk-i View Post
    Stainless axis with accu-trigger is a decent budget rifle...put it in a Boyds and youre styling! 783 is another good budget rifle, just wished they came in stainless.
    ^this. I had a Savage with an accutrigger (I built a 20 cal wildcat off of it) - with the factory stock it shot great to 100 yards, not bad to 140 ish yards and was more like shotgun patterning at 200. Put a Boyd's thumbhole stock on it and that little gun was shooting a 4" gong at 400 yards 7 out of 10 shots. Never did put up a target at that distance to see exactly what it was doing, just shot at the gong.

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    I have a Remington VTR in .243 I never shoot. DM me...
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    Misty River Tackle and hunting in Terrace BC is clearing out their T3x lite SS for 850.00...they still had a few left as of Sat.

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