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    Gevelot pump shotgun

    I had a Gevelot pump shotgun come in for my opinion on its value, stock could use a refinish and the barrel had some rust and pitting, very dirty in the action area. I called it a $150 gun just for the simple reason if something breaks your chances of getting parts is slim to none. I've seen and used lots of the 22 rifles but it's the first shotgun I've seen from Gevelot. Used a pile of the shotguns shells and 22 shells as a kid. The shotgun doesn't have a lot of info regarding take down that I could find in a quick search though i'm sure it's out there. Only a 2 3/4 in chamber and had a big adjustable choke other wise looked to be a decent gun, not a lot of time to tear into it. Any thoughts, was I low on price?

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    You are probably a little low but only worth what someone will pay for it. I sold them when working for Sears decades ago in SK. Never had a complaint about the quality.

    Here is a interesting story in importing them told to my by the head honcho of Gevelot Canada.

    Being made in France they were shipped to Canada landing in Montreal and it wasn't long before some were stolen while on the docKs. The company then put in a policy of the skid/shipping unit being weighed to see if any were missing. Soon they arrived in Saskatoon, proper weight however some boxers were full of wood that weighed the same as the gun that was stolen.

    After that Gevelot came up with a special tape (GEVELOT CANADA<>GEVELOT FRANCE) that they wrapped all the boxes with as well as the skid. That worked well for a short while till someone on the docks in Montreal duplicated the tape and again wood instead of guns.

    Gevelot knew they were going to leave Canada once their lucrative tax breaks ended and virtually stopped importing firearms.

    Sad they left as they made good firearms and excellent shot shells especially their black 2 3/4 inch 12 gauge. At the time it was the best for long distance waterfowl shooting.

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    "...Gevelot pump shotgun..." It's Gevarm not Gevelot. iCollector had one in 2017 that sold for $180Cdn that they considered in VG condition. A Canadian guy on Shotgun World bought one in 2008 for $150Cdn. So given the condition, you're probably high. Everybody argues about 'em. snicker.
    As mentioned, there are no parts. A net search for Gevarm Shotguns or Pump Shotguns turns up very little but some discussion and the same question on other forums.
    The big adjustable choke look like a muzzle brake/flash hider? Might be a Cutts Compensator.

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