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    "Old school Flavoured" A-2 rifle build

    Hello all!!

    It has been some time since I posted, and I promised I would remedy that.

    With that in mind I just wanted to share with you the results of my latest personal "old School" inspired A-2 build

    Its not perfect and there is lots of room left for improvement but specs are as follows:


    • A2-style flash hider
    • 1/2x28 Stainless Jam nut
    • 20" A-2 barrel assembly (gov't profile) 1-9 Twist CPC internal finish
    • Rifle length gas tube & pin
    • Rifle length A-2 black hand guards
    • Delta ring assembly
    • Colt A-2 upper receiver with Forward assist and Dust cover
    • Carry handle optics mount
    • TNA Colt large pin upper off-set bushing
    • TNA M16 (F/A style) bolt carrier group
    • Badger Ordnance Left Hand charging handle


    • Tactical Innovations Lower (stripped)
    • Lower Small parts kite
    • ALG ACT fire control group
    • BCM Gunfighter grip Mod 3 with Hex-head grip screw, star Washer & Stainless washer
    • DPMS Ambi-Selector
    • Norgon Ambi-Mag release
    • Magpul Enhance trigger guard
    • A-2 Rifle rifle stock assembly Complete

    This build was to give Old-School flavor as opposed to be an exact clone of anything, and I hope to make it a shooter rather than a safe queen.

    Some one took black BBQ paint to the upper receiver. If this rifle shoots well I will strip the paint and see what the original parkerizing looks like.

    I wanted an Hbar profile barrel, and bought the barrel off another board as part of a substantial parts purchase. When it arrived it ended up having a gov't profile, but it does have the 1-9 twist I wanted, and the price was reasonable enough not to make a big deal out of it.

    The BMC gunfighter grip Mod 3 is not "peroid-accurate" but installed because I like the feel and grip angle of it.

    At this point I was unable to find a large pin lower, and had to work with an off set bushing to mat the big hole upper to the small pin lower. The fit however is quite good.

    I went with a TI lower as they were one of the first to have captured rear take down pin springs, as well as a plunger to aid in tighter upper to lower fit.

    The A-2 front sight block if "F" marked. I have an inquiry in to Windham Weaponry to purchase one of their front sight post kits which have higher front sight posts and should compensate for the different A-2 font sight block height.

    I want to re-calibrate the rear sight for Santose Improved battle sight Zero

    I am recently purchase an inexpensive rubber armored 3-9x40mm optic with an integral carry handle mount. Its a pretty cool looking optic, but I unsure how well it will hold up or preform.

    I still have a Colt Delta Elite Cheek plate in the bin for when I mount this optic.

    Well that is it for now.

    Thank you all for taking the time to read my post, and I will do my best to field any thoughts, comments or questions you might have



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    Just a quick update.

    I am usually not a fan of the NcStar Chinese made be optics however I was able to find an AR15 3-9x40R Rubber armored with integrated Carry handle mount.

    It was not a huge amount of money so I though I would take a chance. Optic specs as follows:

    I then added the A-2 fixed stock Hbar style cheek plate I had been saving for this project and it now looks like this:

    I hope to have some time this weekend to take her to the indoor range and see how she functions and if that optic can hold zero.

    Thank you all for taking the time to read my post.


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    Oh that is a very distinctive looking setup now, hopefully the scope is half decent
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    Well thx very much.

    I will see how it goes, if the scope fails, there are other options as well.

    Right now it has that Colt sporter Delta Elite look - so to speak.



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    Looks sweet

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