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Thread: Mav 88 issue

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    Mav 88 issue

    i watched this a while ago and tried it on my maverick 88.... sure enough after 1 drop the whole thing jammed up. had to take it apart to get it working again. its not like we go around dropping shotguns but if your outdoors it is plausible. I just thought mossberg owners should know about this.


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    Thanks for the video about this issue, and also about your testing of it. It's a good reminder for me (at least) to keep an eye out for odd failure conditions for a firearm. After you posted it, I did some searching, and another forum had some discussion regarding this video. They came to the conclusion that while it can happen with the Mossberg 500/590, it is has less of an issue, owing to the design of the safety:

    Because the safety in the 500 series is a tang safety, it can clear the carrier jam by pushing from safe to fire, which pushes the dislocated pins back. The Maverick 88's safety cannot do this, as it is mounted on the trigger guard.

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    I’m thinking it’s not as big an issue as the guy in the video is trying to make out. I’ve dragged a few Mossberg pumps and clones through the fields and sloughs, and the old man has used a 2-3/4” 500 for forty years. Add that to a whole bunch of military and police use around the world on a design that dates back to 1960 and we’re just hearing about it now?
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    If this was a really big issue, people could likely modify the lifter to prevent this from happening. Like drill a hole down the centre and push a pin through so it extends a bit past the outside. Then weld the pin in place and grind it flat so it doesn't change the shape of the inside at all. Next put a small hole in the protrusion and stick a cotter pin in. Repeat for other side and voila... a shotgun relatively impervious to this issue.

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    The problem and solution lies in the tang vs crossbolt safety design. Read through the comments on the YouTube video for answers.

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    Do not get any answers via YouTube. Go to Mossberg.
    "...while it can happen with the Mossberg 500..." A Maverick Model 88 is a Mossberg Model 500. They are mechanically identical in every way.

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    Okay, I got a hold of a Mossberg 500 to do a quick test with the safety on. I didn't want to drop it on the floor, so I simulated the effects by pushing one of the lifter's pins inwards. If you push it all the way in so that it comes out of the hole, you have to take out the trigger group and fix it. If the pin is partly pushed in, you can push the safety forward, then rack the slide. This pops the lifter back in place. The lifter is springy to some degree, so I'm not quite sure how hard a fall it would take to get it to pop out entirely.

    With the safety off, I could not get the lifter to jam. The little metal bit beneath the tang safety prevented the lifter from popping out.
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    i'm still trying to figure out why mine only has one action bar. receiver only has one hole on it too.thoughts?
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    Turtlehead, that means it was made pre 1970 if Wikipedia can be trusted:

    this was changed to dual action bars in 1970, following the expiration of Remington's patent on the double action bar design

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