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    Well, it’s a French style Lock, originally Flint ignition made into cap . I’ll take an educated guess that’s its what’s left of a French Army Charleville .69 caliber smoothbore musket, these were built between 1717-1840.

    Hope this helps

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    Got a little penlight? Drop it down the barrel, shining back toward the muzzle, and have a look at the bore.

    Lock was flint originally. Don't know if the barrel was. Most gunsmith conversions just used a drum.
    Interesting stock style. Sort of like a "buccaneer" gun.

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    If you can read French, I would suggest you get a hand of historian Russel-Aurore Bouchard's «Les armes ŕ feu en Nouvelle-France». It's by no mean an identification guide, but it's got quite a few descriptions, drawings and pictures of the main models of firearms that were imported in the colony.

    It is also a very interesting read that tell tales of times when every single French Canadian owned a gun.

    Also, the book will have Russel Bouchard as the author. She was a He when the book was written back in '75.
    Harry Potter is a story about a school where both students and staff are required to carry a deadly weapon on their person at all times and somehow the left can't get enough of it.

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    "It is also a very interesting read that tell tales of times when every single French Canadian owned a gun."

    there's the reason for Canada's gun laws, British govt establishing control

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