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    Ruger your grandson reminds me of myself, camping at that age. Actually from a much earlier age. By the time I was 10 and my brother was 6, the two of us could set up camp in 20 minutes with only a little help from Dad (holding the ridge pole on the big tent). Two sleeping tents and a fly over the picnic table for a kitchen. I still snicker when I think of the night that seven people from the States arrived at the campground after midnight and set up a Baker tent in the lowest spot on their site. Took them over an hour. Of course it rained and they were wet the next morning. Rookies.

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    Moma grizzly above 2 very silver cubs. I estimate she was 13 feet tall after going back to measure the tree she stood beside. Only bluff charged me in my truck once.. They were chewing on the left overs of a poached bull moose.

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