Day 4: Gift Ideas:
The 40mm Grenade Salt & Pepper Shakers are manufactured from solid billet 6061 T-6 aluminum and anodized in the gold and silver color. They are manufactured to closely replicate the dimensions of the original 40mm grenade. 50% off
All KNIVES, AXES, FLASHLIGHTS & TOOLS including batons 20% off
All Hickok 45 T-shirts are at $30.00 ea
Real Tree T-shirts $15.00 ea
All on sale up to 30% off
Barbarian Stun Baton Flashlight 9 Million Volts Rechargeable $64.99 on sale

A few unique handcrafted ideas:
Shotgun Shell Christmas lights
Anatomy of a Pew $14.99

Christmas Tree Ornaments
These are custom made, so please email or call the store for your order
$14.99 ea

Gift Cards are also always available.