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    Geco Brand Ammunition

    My friend bought a Swedish Mauser Sporter Rifle last week and it came with a box of ammunition. The brand of Ammunition is called Geco it is in 6.5x55 Swedish caliber and it is manufactured in Germany.

    I have been told from doing research on the Swedish 6.5x55 caliber that all over the counter ammo manufactured in North America is safe to shoot in rifles with old Mauser actions.

    Can anyone tell me if this 6.5x55 Swedish ammo made by Geco is SAFE to shoot in old Mauser actions or is this ammunition made to shoot with higher pressures for modern 6.5x55 Swedish actions and therefore UNSAFE to use in an old Swedish Mauser Action?

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    Tough one to answer however being made in Germany should be good quality. I use PRVI in a Sweedish Mauser and then reload to middle of the chart specs. I would think it should be OK being as the Germans are pretty anal and for sure you aren't the only person shooting a Swedish Mauser.

    Hopefully someone on here has experience using it.

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