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    I season the backstraps, then wrap them in bacon with a couple toothpicks holding everything together. Hit lightly with your favourite BBQ sauce and grill away. Make sure it stays pink in the centre. Guaranteed to drop a case of the meat sweats on you....

    Steaks and chops are preferred grilled as well, but I am a sucker for occasionally pan frying one in butter.

    And yes, we do make a mean garlic deer sausage out at the farm. Cut with 25% pork and pork fat, the pickled garlic chunks from Costco give it fantastic flavour over any sort of dry mix.

    Best thing I have ever eaten though was a painstakingly monitored moose roast. Real low temperature, he watched that thermometer like a hawk and served it up with a peppercorn gravy. It put every steakhouse that ever was to shame......
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    Quote Originally Posted by SIR VEYOR View Post
    And it would appear that everyone here only roasts their harvest, if cooking it all. Backstraps as well?

    Mostly a ground and jerky crew, huh?

    No talk of grill, frying pan, rotisserie on a spit over the fire, nada...
    Most of my deer and moose is either pan fried or roasted...chops 1 inch thick are fried on hi with a little olive oil in a cast pan, nothing is added for extra flavour...on hi 2 minutes flip, 2 mins....reduce heat to med. and 1 min, 1 minute...done...awesome if you have good non rut deer... you cant buy anything comparable in the local grocery store.

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