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    Quote Originally Posted by Haywire1 View Post
    most memorable shot was when i was about 12. Dad was taking me out deer hunting for the first time. I had used firearms, first time hunting anything other then grouse. Anyway, being all excited, I was up waaaay before my Dad. Got everything ready, started coffee, went to load the truck up. As I went to take the rifles out, I happened to look out the door, and saw a sweet 8 point buck standing about 20 feet on the other side of the truck. Keeping in mind this was my first time, all I knew was that it had more then 2 points, and it was a whitetail. Up comes the 30-06, chamber a round, shaking really bad, scope seemed kinda fuzzy but oh well. BOOOOOOM! closely followed by a crash, and a mighty roar from my parents bedroom. Yes, in my excitement, I was still standing in the middle of the kitchen. shot right through the window in the door, and the screen door, and nailed the buck. Parents bedroom was on second floor above the kitchen. Dad alternated between being very proud of my buck, and totally pissed at the busted window.
    Love the story! Gonna share that one for sure. Hahaha

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    Not my best, but certainly my easiest. Old logging road, buddy driving, me half asleep cuz it's +15c..Come around corner, he yells "DEER". I'm looking down the road, can't see it. Ask him where? He's got the coke bottle glasses, so anytime he says he "sees" something, it's questionable. He points, says "there". I follow his finger and S.A.S. there he is 20 feet away, neck swollen to 3x normal, rack shining in the sunlight, staring at us with a glazed look. Everything happens slo-mo after that. Grab the gun from betwixt the knees, smack the barrel on the windshield getting out. Deer's still standing there looking at us. Never realized how much noise a BAR makes loading it til then. Shoulder the gun, look thru the scope, can't see the deer, antenna's in the way. Lift the barrel straight up, antenna does the wang, wang, wang thing, deer takes a step TOWARDS ME. Look thru scope again, nothing but brown. S&#t scopes on max, crank it to min, marginally better, at least I can see a little spot of black (his nose). Safety off and POW. Impact lifts him right off his feet and unceremoniously drops him like the proverbial sack of potatoes. Dress him out, WTF, no exit wound, Remington 180gr PSP-CL .30-06 from 20 feet? Found the bullet skinning him. Shattered 3 neck vertebrae and travelled full length under the skin to the base of his tail. Weighed the bullet later, 179.1gr. Still can't figure why no exit.

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    Does this count?

    Smacked this at 200 yds with my Savage .223, first shot. I thought I missed cause it just wobbled and fell over, no dramatic flipping, no flying shrapnel, nothing. Lol.

    I've also hit 12 gauge shells at 100 and 200 yds. One of these days I'll get it out to my brother's place and do some coyote control.
    I like guns.

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    Coyotes were eating our barn cats. Seen one running away across the field. Ran in and got the 270 Browning Bar and set up on a fence post. Bang over top of him, bang and he piled up. Went out to retrieve him and seen no entry or exit holes. Blood was coming out his butt. Turns out it went in his butt and travelled up through him and didn't exit. GPS'ed at 541 yards + or - 8 yards. Carma
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