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lmao which one? The $80k unicorn? Or the unloved head gasket blowing boat? (I actually have a soft spot for the unloved mk3 was soooo close to pulling the trigger on a 1jz swapped one about 10 years ago. )

Not sure which one it was, but, a couple of years back, read 10 or so, my buddy took me on a wild ride in his on the Sea to Sky. He had added a turbo to the car and I seen to remember it being a r35 engine. That thing just kept pulling and he claimed to have done it up cheap.
it’s hard to say without details of the car but nothing about the last gen supra comes cheap. Nothing about an r35 engine comes cheap either let alone putting the thing in there so I don’t think it’s that. In supra land it’s all about the 2jz-gte or sometimes the 1jz.

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My dream car is a 300 ZX. Not sure why.
I always had a spot in my fantasy garage for one of those too, and lucky for you those are incredibly cheap I saw one on Craigslist a few months back that was fully restored and trim-off repainted with a built engine guy claimed good for 5-700hp if desired and a garage full of oem spare parts for $17k which is high for a 300zx but not high for that car.