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    One Warthog & One Work Sharp KO Edition....

    My Oklahoma Buddy swears by these Warthogs, I shall see bought the Worksharp to compliment my Lansky and threw in the Warthog. The lesser of the two goes to my eldest kid, he will get the better soon enough lol....


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    I might be a heathen but I really like the work sharp, from small knives to axes, it works for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lone-wolf View Post
    I might be a heathen but I really like the work sharp, from small knives to axes, it works for me.
    I've been thinking of picking up one of those for a few years now. The final edge would still go on with my Japanese whet stones, but one of these would be good for bringing an abused edge back into shape.
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    Proposed Knife Robot: World's First Auto Knife Sharpener. "No hands! Simply set your knife in Knife Robot, walk away and it'll be sharp within 5 minutes!"
    A CNC knife sharpener, with a camera to detect knife shape and burr.
    but then, they decided not to go forward.
    "we’re unable to proceed with the manufacturing process. The math simply doesn’t work. We need significant investment in order to deliver your product and cannot see where that funding will come from."

    I see they've got a totally different kind now.
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