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    BookMarking this for some downtime reading.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Waynetheman View Post
    BookMarking this for some downtime reading.
    its well worth the read
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    Why no mention of the T97 registration to Confiscation?

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    Incredible document! "The truth shall set you free". I'm sending it to all my sons and friends, for them to use in blowing away the outright lies of the gun controlistas.

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    I wasn't sure where to post this, so I figured this was a good spot for it.

    As posted on the NFA's Facebook page:

    Canada has implemented legislation covering all firearms since 1977 and presents a model to examine incremental firearms control. The effect of legislation on homicide by firearm and the subcategory, spousal homicide, is controversial and has not been well studied to date. Legislative effects on homicide and spousal homicide were analyzed using data obtained from Statistics Canada from 1974 to 2008. Three statistical methods were applied to search for any associated effects of firearms legislation. Interrupted time series regression, ARIMA, and Joinpoint analysis were performed. Neither were any significant beneficial associations between firearms legislation and homicide or spousal homicide rates found after the passage of three Acts by the Canadian Parliament—Bill C-51 (1977), C-17 (1991), and C-68 (1995)—nor were effects found after the implementation of licensing in 2001 and the registration of rifles and shotguns in 2003. After the passage of C-68, a decrease in the rate of the decline of homicide by firearm was found by interrupted regression. Joinpoint analysis also found an increasing trend in homicide by firearm rate post the enactment of the licensing portion of C-68. Other factors found to be associated with homicide rates were median age, unemployment, immigration rates, percentage of population in low-income bracket, Gini index of income equality, population per police officer, and incarceration rate. This study failed to demonstrate a beneficial association between legislation and firearm homicide rates between 1974 and 2008.

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    Might just send this one to my MP/MLA/PM/CFO/Chief of Police.
    Our gun laws are so strict that it's like having a complete gun ban but with Vaseline...

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    Not Canadian specific
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    Quote Originally Posted by NFA
    Not only are Canada's licenced gun owners subject to daily criminal activity checks by police computer systems, research proves that gun owners are also the safest people in Canada.
    Does anybody have the link or the research to support this? This is a huge truth that people need to start recognizing.

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    1) The original post link's PDF is out of date. Version 6.2 I think is the most recent. No big surprise since the original post is from 2012.

    2) Rather than post #15's image, The easiest link to Langmann's stuff is
    This study failed to demonstrate a beneficial association between legislation and firearm homicide rates between 1974 and 2008
    -- "Canadian Firearms Legislation And Effects On Homicide 1974 to 2008" by Dr Callin Langmann


    Quote Originally Posted by Jay View Post
    Does anybody have the link or the research to support this? This is a huge truth that people need to start recognizing.
    Depending on how you do the statistics, PAL holders are either 5 times less likely than the average Canadian to be bad, or 2 times less likely as the average Canadian to be bad.

    The 2 times less likely is at
    about 20% of the way down see "In any given year, there were between 7 and 17 people accused " in the second occurrence of "Claim #1"

    An amusing variation is "NFA Shawn Bevins Guns Are Not Your Enemy", between 10 seconds and 25, where he polls both and asks non gun owners to leave cause they're dangerous:
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