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Thread: Marlin 336 Y

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    Marlin 336 Y

    I'm thinking of acquiring a Marlin 336Y 30-30 rifle.
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    barrel is likely 16.5 "

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    My uncle purchased a 336Y for it's handy size, and I'm an 5'11", he's probably a couple inches shorter, and we don't have any issue with the stock length.
    The Bad:
    #1, While I was sighting it in, I pushed the safety and it flew out of the otherside of the gun. Putting it back together, there's a screw for the spring that puts tension on it through the ball detent, I replaced the spring to increase the pressure and keep it from flying out again. While removing the screw to remove that spring, the screw just crumbled... yea, fastenal had one I replaced it with.
    So now the safety is together and working.

    #2, I find the gun way too inaccurate. It'll do, I can't remember exactly but it was around maybe 4" at best @ 100yrds. After I sighted his in, my 308 would put them dang near touching. My uncle is using it for a short range stand hunting, so it wasn't a big deal to him. I remember my father's 30-30 was sighted in if you could hit a pie plate lol
    So, I never handloaded for it, nor tried anything more than one or two different boxes of ammo.
    Ymmv, it might be fine for anything you have planned, and the one my uncle has could tighten up the groups if we put more time into it.

    #3, My rossi 410 lever action is smoother. I'm really not impressed with the feel of this marlin. It works, but I'm really surprised by how not slick it is.

    Maybe it was just a less than perfect factory rifle, but I'd be really weary of buying anything made by marlin.
    Really think you should try the one you want before putting money down on it.

    This isn't likely what you want to hear, but that rifle really didn't impress me. It had all the features of a handy rifle, but it wasn't something I'd put money on.
    My uncle seems happy with it though. I might just be spoiled with new bolt action rifles and old broken in jm marlins.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lroy View Post
    I'm thinking of acquiring a Marlin 336Y 30-30 rifle.
    It has a short barrel but I don't know the length yet, maybe 18 to 20 inches.
    They're 16 1/4"
    I know nothing about these rifles.
    Are they accurate?
    Marlins tend to be quite accurate.
    If you reload and spend the time to work up a load for it, it should be very accurate.
    I'm not happy until I can regularily get one-hole groups at 50yds.

    Can I get a regular stock to put on it so it won't be too short?
    Yes. Any pistol grip 336 stock will fit.
    Boyd's have some really nice aftermarlet ones.

    Rifle is in new condition.
    Any help would be appreciated.
    Pm Me if you have any info. Or post here.
    I no longer have a 'trapper' length 30-30, and kinda miss it.
    I've been hoping for one of these 336 Ys to fall into my lap, as I think it would be a fine bush pushing rifle.
    Fire it without changing the stock, it's not like the recoil is ging to be punishing, and the short stock could be really nice when dealing with heavy hunting jackets.
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    I bought one for my daughter to use a few years back. I'm over 6' and find the length of pull to be a non issue. It ended up not seeing much use and currently collects dust (which I need to rectify) and while it's not a tack driver, it's at least minute of white tail accurate and sufficient for hunting the bush in Ontario. Now that you've gotten me thinking about it, I may have to start a reloading project for it and see what it really likes.
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    Was this manufactured under Remington? Heard lots of second-hand reports of quality issues. I have a couple true Marlin production 30-30's without the safety and they are a joy to shoot. One has the Ballard rifling and the other is micro-grooved. Both are quite accurate using open sights, 150 grain rounds and my eyes. If in doubt (seeing as you are leaning towards maybe changing the stock out for more length of pull) keep your eyes open for an earlier 30-30?
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    Thanks for all the input.
    I have made the decision not to get it.[336Y].
    I have a Marlin336RC and I love it.
    And I will keep it.
    It is not the most accurate of my rifles.
    But it is a joy to carry and good enough for [minute of bear].
    Thanks for all the good persons who responded.
    old timer Lou

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