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    We have no Constitutionally guaranteed right to own property of any kind. Never mind the strictly American 'Right To Bear Arms'. We have never had either "right" under the BNA or Trudeau the Elder's Constitution.
    "...Canada you could walk into any police station and get one..." Nope. However, before the FA, "To protect life." was the first reason for owning a restricted firearm on the application. Said reason being routinely a cause for a denial by local registrar(Local city PDs or OPP in Ontario prior to the FA) policy(cops have been making illegally law by regulation for eons).

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    Quote Originally Posted by BgDM View Post
    As to me, this section of the Charter clearly allows our rights to to liberty and security.
    Correct. But, as mentioned, no right to property. Therefore, no right to arms.

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    The judge upheld the conviction because there was no evidence that the gun couldn't be modified to accommodate shotgun shells.
    I still can't get my head around this one, does this now mean that if there's no evidence that you're innocent, you're deemed guilty?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Justice View Post
    We have no Constitutionally guaranteed right to own property of any kind.
    The British North America Act left it to the provinces to guarantee property rights of citizens.
    The only thing the provinces seem to have done with it is
    - use it to retain power, e.g. Supreme Court Firearms Reference 2000 they argued that because the constitution gave them property rights, firearms were in their purview.
    - enact laws so they could seize anything they wanted, with reverse onus leaving it up to the individual to prove that they hadn't acquired it by or for a criminal purpose. (e.g. Bruce Montague's house after his arrest)

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    remember though


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