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    I read somewhere the issue with 5.56 is that to deal with level 4 armor requires the use of tungsten AP round. And tungsten is in short supply, or in control of unfriendly nation.
    So going to a new bigger round mean that maybe they can stick to steel AP round.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve MKII View Post
    No contracts have been awarded and they don't even have a working prototype of the weapon or ammunition yet. IIRC the Army wants to go to telescoped ammunition, which we have yet to see materialize. I believe they also have some pretty big requirements for the new round, which may prove to be not viable. While it is possible this will come to fruition and replace the M4a1, it is also quite possible that this new rifle and round will fail to meet the Army's requirements and get cancelled. A future administration or congress could also cancel it if things don't move quickly or smoothly enough. This is hardly a "done deal".

    I am not arguing against the logistics of having one small arms caliber. I am stating that I am skeptical anything will come from this, the US Army doesn't exactly have the best track record when it comes to M4 replacement programs, and this one has some pretty big requirements to meet. Time will tell.

    Like I said, I will believe it when I see the new rilfe and ammunition making its way into the hands of the troops.
    I’ve seen a prototype of the proposed 6.8 round, it most likely was a mock up or model. I think it was used for weight modeling.
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    That ammo is cute, it looks like baby rounds wearing astronaut costumes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Petamocto View Post
    That ammo is cute, it looks like baby rounds wearing astronaut costumes.

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