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    Rimfire Decent Optics.....

    So, Ive got a temp scope with Leupold AO on my Annie 1712 until mid spring. Im kind of hung up on a Swaro Z5 3.5-18 x44 scope to replace it. Their site states parallax adjustment to 55yds but do yall think that with that kind of glass you would still be decently focused at 10yds for a fool hen head shot?

    Any other considerations out there? The whole AO thing seems tough to truly find on a higher end hunting scope....

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    Usually any scope with the high end of the magnification over 10x will have AO/SF, shouldn't be hard to find
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    One question I'd ask is what kind of shooting are you doing and what kind of performance do you expect out of the rifle?

    We have, for a long time, used basic non-adjustable centre fire scopes on our rimfire target rifles in the field. I am more interested in the reticle than in the AO. The reason for this is speed on targets that don't hold still for very long and may appear at many different distances.

    I'm talking about shooting gophers ..... lots of them. They rarely hold still for long and appear and disappear quite quickly, meaning you need to get on them and get the shot done quickly. An AO would be of no benefit under those conditions. By the time you got the thing focussed, the target would be gone and another one would pop up at a totally different distance.

    We use MIL Dot reticles because they give a good reference for miss corrections and elevation holdover.

    The scopes we've been using for years are typical 150yd parallax centre fire optics. I have used them down to prob less than 10 yds. Yep, the image is totally out of focus but those kinds of shots are rare and the bigger issue with them is the scope to bore offset, which is much more likely to result in a miss than an out of focus image.

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