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    Just what the hell are we fighting?

    C-71 purports to solve the problem of gangbangers shooting up the streets of large Canadian cities.

    Rifle/handgun bans purport to solve the problem of mass shootings in mosques and other places where innocents gather.

    The truth?

    We are being told that the solution to armed cowards killing unarmed innocents is to ensure that those innocents will never be able to take up arms against their assailants.

    Told that we have no right to arms.

    That we have no right to defend life, liberty, or property.

    That we must rely on government armed enforcers who couldnít protect us even if they wanted to.

    And we arenít entirely sure that they do want to!

    How do you fight such vicious assaults on our rights?

    Assaults on the very lives, liberty, and property of our loved ones!

    The last four decades should have convinced us that you donít fight such assaults with platitudes about ďthe hobby.Ē

    You do so by demanding that your rights be respected.

    That government actually protect your rights, as is their proper function.

    You do that, or you continue to lose every skirmish and battle - and ultimately the entire damned war!
    To show that men can travel to the moon and return, use the American experience.

    To show that public safety isnít hurt by responsible individuals carrying to protect life, use the American experience.

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    Great speech.

    Ain't gonna happen in Canuckistan though, regardless of how often you say it. There's a good chunk of Canadians in Central Canada and the lower mainland BC that want nothing to do with most of what we believe in. They like being subjects, not citizens, and want to keep it that way. They want the government to take care of them, regardless of how hollow a statement that is. And more government = more safe. Nothing in you list is either (a) something they believe to be true, or (b) something they would support politically.

    The ONLY hope one has of achieving even a portion of the goals you mention is to divide and conquer...i.e. pushing powers to the provinces, and in so doing empowering those provinces that wish to do so (er, well, province I guess...Alberta) to put those types of laws into effect. There is no other way. Central Canada will not adopt anything remotely close to what you are espousing, nor will any national political party enact such laws as they know it would be their doom politically. Anything we gain at the federal level is simply a delaying tactic to the inevitable Liberal mandate of disarmament.

    Victory is achieved only by taking powers away from the federal government and putting them in the hands of the provinces.That won't be a win for all obviously, but it will at least allow portions of the country to put into law these principles that they already believe.

    ...or, one can just move to the US and fight the fight there instead. There's a good base to work from at least.
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    Or as in Alberta separate,,

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