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    Recent M1 Carbine Imports

    Iíve noticed lately that several dealers are now stocking surplus M1 Carbines that come with original mags and bayonets. Am I right to assume that these likely came from the famous South Korean stores that have been talked about for the last few years? It would be interesting to know the story behind these, as Iíve considered buying one.

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    Don't know about that history. But the actual history of the M1 Carbine was awesome. Moonshine, guns, prison.

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    There was chatter that these rifles may have come from the IDF , or Italy . Four or five dealers seem to have had a few in stock with different stock configurations . Many looked to be in pretty rough condition .
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    Surprised to see these are restricted....would have picked one up otherwise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SteelCap View Post
    Surprised to see these are restricted....would have picked one up otherwise.
    All original M1’s are restricted by barrel length AFAIK. Any non restricted models you come across have been rebarrelled with a Canada friendly 18.5” front end.
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    I've seen ones in replacement stocks listed as IDF surplus, and some in wood listed with no provenance specified

    Too much $$ for sight-unseen guns listed as being in "fair" condition (and restricted to boot), so far as my own wallet is concerned, no matter how much I would like one.
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    "...Surprised to see these are restricted..." All M1 Carbines and all cf, semi-auto's with barrels shorter than 18.5"(470 mm) have been restricted due to barrel length since 1 Jan., 1978. In those days, you could solder on a barrel extension of any kind and get it de-registered with no fuss. The Chretien Gang ended that.
    This should have been covered on your PAL course.

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