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    Quote Originally Posted by Petamocto View Post
    The one thing I don’t like is the tube-fed vs side-fed, but other than that, Henry’s build quality is miles ahead of Winchester.

    Quote Originally Posted by Petamocto View Post
    Making a hyperbolic statement is one thing, but saying anything makes a Henry feel like a tinker toy makes your opinion less credible...
    We are amused.
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    Some are.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dewey Cox View Post
    Can you get a Henry lever in 30-30?
    Yes, I have one. Been considering trading it in for something in a pistol caliber. It’s a pretty nice rifle, I really like the wood. Had a little trouble with the magazine tube coming loose in the receiver, but I’ve got that fixed. The fit and finish on the new Winchesters is head and shoulders above the Henry. The Henry is better than the late US production rifles I’ve seen, and the receiver and wood finish probably won’t peel off like the early post ‘64’s. As mentioned, a pre ‘64 model 94 in good shape puts the Henry to shame.
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    I shoot regularly at the range with a Comanche. If you catch me there... feel free to ask to try it.
    The medallion fell out and I glue it back in. Other then that I've got no complaints.

    I also have a Henry H001. It is a nice rifle but I'd pick a Winchester over Henry any day.

    There is also Marlin and Browning that make a lever rifle.
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    I regularly shoot my Canadian Centennial, has a 26 inch octagon barrel, and the weight is nice. Great hunting rifle and I’m liking the lever revolution rounds in it

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