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    Long Before Tacticool....

    There was the Maverick Bullpup.

    2019-03-02 001 002.jpg

    Bought him in the mid-to-late '80s as best I recall. I think from S.I.R. mailorder likely.
    Way back when I put a conventional Ramline stock on it, and have been searching for the last couple years for this original bullpup stock. Found it this weekend, so returned him to original configuration.
    I had forgotten how atrocious the trigger was...the linkage idea they used is a little rough.
    Now that he's back, I think he'll go in the truck this spring to be the designated snake-gun for 2019.

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    moved close to the lake.Some call it Gilford.
    That sure is one ugly little mutt.
    cookin' up a batch of fun (and pasta)

    Can I Hear A Ramen!!!

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    Before that was the Mossberg M500 Riot gun. 20" barrel, black phosphate steel and oil finish stock with a bayonet lug for a standard M7 bayonet.

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    good thing it is in it's original stock otherwise it becomes a dirty word and not sure if it isn't even after.

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    I miss the SIR mail order
    the wild still lingered in him and the wolf in him merely slept

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