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    Dmay Funshoot 2019

    Looks like we will go with July 20 this year. Hope it warms up a little by then...

    2016-08-06 001 004.jpg


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    Armorman (03-06-2019)

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    Looks like that will work for me this year Darrell. Looking forward to it!!

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    I'm in! I missed the last two, not gonna happen this year.
    "Revalllllverz!" - Tuco Ramirez

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    Quote Originally Posted by Armorman View Post
    I'm in! I missed the last two, not gonna happen this year.
    There are important things, in a persons life and there are things that enrich a persons life. This shoot be the enriching one. Hell or high water C and I will be there. Even if I have to carry the big dude there. The real estate gall had other plans. Be back in a week looking for land.
    The challenge of retirement is how to spend time without spending money.
    There is no place in an anti's head where reason can enter. from a Napoleon saying with a tweak.
    Look around is there someone you can introduce to shooting because thatís the only way we will buck the anti gun trend sweeping Canada! "tigrr 2006"

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