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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Beck View Post
    Friend is from Georgia. Don’t know how the gun laws work there. But getting good quality ‘made in America’ AR parts is either too expensive or too difficult.
    Buying from US is a little cheaper option, but much more pain in the a**.
    And I am not sending him the prohibited items anyways ��
    As long as YOU are OK with the fines and potential imprisonment from ignoring ITAR regulations if your parcel is intercepted by customs, go for it.
    The US controls are pretty straight forward when it comes to re-exporting US made goods. Canada also has a long list of countries that are no-gos when it comes to sending anything gun related to. I guess it all depends on what your luck is like, how much risk you want to expose yourself to and how good a friend your buddy is.

    Re-export of ITAR controlled goods is very plain, you aren't legally allowed to with US made product.
    Export to Georgia can be answered by a call to DFAIT in Ottawa.

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    I don't get this thread.

    Georgia. Like over the ocean Georgia? Why would any one want to send parts there? Should be lots of A.R parts - The U.S sent thousands of AR's over.

    There are Canadian companies that make parts. Buy those and send them where ever you want. NEA is popular with terrorists too.
    Previously- Rivetc78 from CGN

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