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    I have a Stoeger coach gun myself; although, I've decided to part with it since it no longer sees any use and I'd like the cash for something else...but I digress. Anyhow, I've used it in the past for grouse, it is choked M/IC, and works well for grouse at normal grouse distances. Unless you are up close and personal with waterfowl, I would use something else with a bit more reach. In my experience with it, a walking grouse in the open at about 30 yards can continue walking away unscathed while shot from multiple reloads shreds everything around it...but, as mentioned above, it would likely serve SASS types quite well.
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    Thanks to all who replied;
    I tested the 12 gauge Coach gun.
    Performed beyond all my expectations.
    I likes it so much that I bought the supreme Coach Gun model in 20 Gauge.
    Now have too many sxs's.
    old timer Lou

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