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    Climate Barbie Hires Watchdog Group - RCMP Welcoming ISIS

    Canadian government plans to award millions of dollars for group to create climate watchdog

    Canadian Environment Minister Catherine McKenna is planning to award a multimillion dollar grant to a non-profit organization that will take on a watchdog role, holding the federal government to account for its climate change commitments and policies, says a spokeswoman from her office.

    Last year, the Trudeau government committed $20 million over five years in its federal budget to convene experts who could assess the effectiveness of its efforts to tackle carbon pollution — such as putting a price on emissions, making buildings more energy efficient and encouraging electric cars.

    ‘We need to get ready’: RCMP planning for return of Canadian ISIS members

    The RCMP is preparing for the return of at least a dozen Canadians detained in Syria amidst the collapse of the so-called Islamic State, a senior law enforcement official has told Global News.

    The capture of suspected Canadian ISIS members, and uncertainty over their fate due to a planned U.S. troop withdrawal from Syria, has prompted the RCMP to ramp up preparations for their possible arrival.

    It would be immoral for Canada to leave its ISIS members in Syria

    The problem with Goodale's sort of talk is that it violates the spirit of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's election campaign mantra that "a Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian." If that were true, ISIS members should expect Ottawa to expend the same efforts on them as it does on other Canadians who find themselves in sticky situations abroad.

    The immorality is not in denying ISIS members a Canadian homecoming. Allowing killers and sex slave-owners a comfortable life in Canada is not justice in the cosmic sense, even if it may be legally unavoidable.

    A New Poll Proves Canada Is More Sick And Tired Of Justin Trudeau Than Ever Before

    Justin Trudeau's tenure as prime minister of Canada has been marked by both great accomplishment and great controversy.

    Among the achievements of his Liberal majority government, for example, is the legalization of recreational marijuana. In October, Canada became only the second country and first major economy to make the popular drug accessible to all (severe product shortages notwithstanding).

    Poll shows many Canadians believe Canada is doing worse under Trudeau Liberals

    A new online poll conducted by Leger for The Canadian Press suggests the Trudeau Liberals haven’t convinced Canadians the country is doing better under their stewardship.

    In all 46 per cent of respondents said Canada is doing worse since Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government was elected in 2015, while only 22 per cent believed the country is doing better and 27 per cent said things are the same.

    A Fair Gun Policy for Canada Max Bernier

    Make firearms safety courses more widely available
    Double the length of firearms licenses from 5 to 10 years
    Classify firearms based on function, not appearance
    Repeal magazine size restrictions
    Reimburse gun owners for property loss resulting from previous government gun grabs, and end future grabs
    Reclassify firearms through law in Parliament instead of the RCMP or cabinet
    Canadian Firearms laws are broken, and I want to fix them
    Stop the harassment of law-abiding gun owners
    Respect the rights of firearms owners

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    So this is what it means to salt the earth politically… Make it hard to reverse things what’s her kicked out of office

    I am have been a real snicker at Ralphies remark about how he would never put Canadians at risk by having Isis members return. This is the problem I have with these undeclared wars, If you don’t the clear anatomy how can it be treason for you to fight with it?
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