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    I don't know about him, but my basement can get to at least 80% RH in the spring. I think only part of it is coming through the walls. If you get warm, wet days and the ground is still cool it will jack the relative humidity way up down there just from outside air. I run a dehumidifier then, but they aren't that effective until the temperature gets above a certain point. I don't store guns below ground level.

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    Like I said, imho the goldenrod will do the trick. I base this on personal use in my safe for the last 18 years with over 30 guns in a safe and not a speck of rust issues anywhere. Granted, my Enfield collection is in a wooden gun cabinet totally exposed to my household humidity & they too are in great shape. I do oil (quick wipe with G96) all of my guns at least once every two months.
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    I run a dehumidifier full time to keep the humidity down to 35-40% (ambient temp is usually ~17 degrees). I'm still kind of tempted to have a backup in the gunsafe itself just in case the dehumidifier ever fails or something. So far I've never had any issues with my guns rusting or wood warping.

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    i have a box of lockdown rechargeable desiccant in my safe.

    been in there for almost 2 years and the humidity indicator is still blue.
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    Tons of dessicant packs and VCI paper. I get an unlimited supply from work for free.

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