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    Aztech Armory Review

    Good day GOC,

    I'm not one to post much of anything in the forums, but I thought it necessary in this instance.

    I would like to thank Darius and everyone over @ Aztech Armory for the curteous and professional service that I have personally received purchasing some hard to source parts here in

    the great white north. In my many years of building firearms, I have rarely come across a vendor like Aztech. The majority of sellers just want your money and after receiving payment,

    stop replying to emails in a timely fashion, and in general don't give a rats @$$ that you just spent hundreds if not into the thousands of dollars purchasing products that they sell. This is

    absolutely NOT the case with Aztech, I must admit I was a huge pain in the @$$ as a demanding customer. Even with me being a huge PIA Darius was extremely patient and

    accommodating to all my requests replying in a timely manner ( most emails were answered in under a week, a huge feat for a small shop with only a few employees ) this is a rarity in

    today's economy of small margins and high volume sales needed just to keep afloat for most businesses.

    I would absolutely recommend Aztech Armory to anyone for anything you may want or need to source in Canada, I am sure that the folks @ Aztech will take good care of you and your

    hard earned dollars. Aztech Armory is a refreshing change from the usual vendor, I for one will be a life long customer @ Aztech Armory.

    Thanks Again for all the help Aztech!


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    Yup they helped me get exactly what I needed without any grief or extra charges!

    The customer service is top notch and it's the easiest way I've found to get stuff from the states that just doesn't exist up here.
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    Thank you guys so much for the kind words!

    Our goal is to get our amazing customers what they want for as little as possible and as soon as we can manage to get it to you! We are all avid shooters ourselves and understand the pain of not being able to get the products that our brothers down south have access too!

    We will keep working our hardest to provide our valued customers the service we offer with a smile! Keep on being amazing!

    -Aztech Team

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