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    Does Remington still make the 770?

    I just got a flyer from a gunshop with a sale on 770's.
    I thought they quit making those a while ago, and replaced them with the 783?
    If it's new old stock, I guess that would explain the low price.
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    I'm not sure if they still make them, but I don't think so.
    They were pretty dang cheap to begin with.
    I'm sure Sunray will be around soon to tell us what google says.

    Aren't they the ones that the bolt handle would sometomes break?
    Still, if it were cheap enough...
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    783 replaced them, I haven’t seen a new 770 since shortly after the 783 was released. My old man has a 710, the 770 was the ‘improved’ version of that. Accurate, with horrible trigger, horrible stock and a bolt throw that felt like it was full of sandpaper. The 783 is supposedly a ‘new’ design, but stripped of it’s furniture it sure looks similar to a Marlin XL-7. Didn’t they release them shortly after acquiring Marlin? Funny that....
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    the 783 gets quite a bit of good press, the 770, none

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    It's considered "obsolete" by Remington. Listed on their SITE under 'Obsolete Owner's Manuals' only.

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