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Thread: Best 9mm rifle?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sammalone View Post
    Was going to purchase a new one this weekend, but a friend has one he wants to upgrade to something else. Supposed to be good for a large rifle or shotgun, so should handle the 9mm OK.
    Not to be a d*ck, but if it isn't an Aimpoint, Trijicon, Leupold, or even a Burris, it is likely low quality and likely to fail sooner than later. As mentioned, the recoil of 9mm is stout and is quite prominent in a blow back gun like the Ruger.

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    The BRS 99 is a solid little tack driver right out the box at least the one I had was. The only thing negative is the mag release is a bit of a reach. I've had an ASR it was accurate after I adjusted it, also jammed up depending on what I fed it and required a break in.
    Tavor, I'm only familiar with the 556 version.
    Handled the CX storm quite comfortable ergonomics and all I read is positive but I can't get past the ugly.
    I'm not a 9mm guy but if I bought another I'd get another BRS 99.

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    I have a NR 9mm Beretta CX4 Storm. I got it a couple months back when Cabela's had them on 'sale'. I already had a Beretta 92A1 in the gun cabinet, so I went with the Storm the for common magazines. Not 100% sure but at the time it seamed the NR version came with the front end rail setup and no hard case, the Restricted version came with the hard case and no front end rail setup.

    Trigger, it's definitely not a fine adjustable rifle trigger. The most common thing anyone says about the rifle after shooting, "Trigger's kinda of weird".
    Having a 92A1 and now the Storm, I describe the Storm's Trigger like this - Initial Trigger pull has a lot of travel, like the "DA" travel in my 92A1, but I've learned to 'feel' for trigger reset which is about the same about distance as in my 92A1. After the first shot, if you take your finger off trigger, the 92A1's trigger is in "SA" position. In the Storm, if you take your finger off the trigger, trigger returns to the "DA" position, which will require a long trigger pull for the second shot. That is unless you learn to 'feel' for the reset during continuous/rapid fire.

    Had the Storm out the other day, it was a blast hammering my new 'Range Rabbit, Heart Attack' gong. I was finding myself back on target, waiting for the heart to come back down into view. It was my largest number of rounds in 1 sitting, 200 rounds -150 Campro HP reloads & 1 box of 50 Factory Blazer FMJ, with no fail to fires or fail to ejects.

    9mm Beretta CX4 Storm c/w cheap eBay sight<Looking for suggestions

    9mm Beretta 92A1 c/w Altamont grips, 'D' hammer spring & WC guide rod & spring
    Take a kid fishing, hunting and/or shooting.

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