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Thread: Best 9mm rifle?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sammalone View Post
    Was going to purchase a new one this weekend, but a friend has one he wants to upgrade to something else. Supposed to be good for a large rifle or shotgun, so should handle the 9mm OK.
    Not to be a d*ck, but if it isn't an Aimpoint, Trijicon, Leupold, or even a Burris, it is likely low quality and likely to fail sooner than later. As mentioned, the recoil of 9mm is stout and is quite prominent in a blow back gun like the Ruger.

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    The BRS 99 is a solid little tack driver right out the box at least the one I had was. The only thing negative is the mag release is a bit of a reach. I've had an ASR it was accurate after I adjusted it, also jammed up depending on what I fed it and required a break in.
    Tavor, I'm only familiar with the 556 version.
    Handled the CX storm quite comfortable ergonomics and all I read is positive but I can't get past the ugly.
    I'm not a 9mm guy but if I bought another I'd get another BRS 99.

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