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    Successfully escaped this crazy quack s***hole country ALIVE - 12/26/2017!!!

    Give your family tree a good shake and see if you have any dual citizenship that you can use to GTFO of this crazy quack s***hole country!

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    Quote Originally Posted by joe6167 View Post
    Other M53 owners over here are reporting that S&B 8x57 ammo doesn't work so good in machine guns...

    Guess what brand of ammo I've stockpiled...

    ...good thing I've got several ruptured case extractors in my arsenal... guess I'm gonna get a lesson on how to use these things whenever I get around to firing these guns...

    Attachment 34959

    Attachment 34960
    This is most interesting...
    Mic the chamber and then the rounds.
    Also the primers might be to light and with the free floating firing pin causing it to go off while chambering.
    Seems like almost a discharge before entering into battery.

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