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    Quote Originally Posted by harbl_the_cat View Post
    That's commitment.
    Nah, that's just me still on vacation. I like to put on something from YouTube, like Nick Zentner's geology videos, and listen to it as I reload. Passes some time pleasantly.

    Did up another 100 today.
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    I have about 600 pieces of .308 brass and enough large primers, powder, and 150 grain projectiles. I'm going to setup my Lee Turret Press to load some 2 MOA plinking loads.

    I just bought and painted a Magpul 700 Hunter stock with the detachable mag attachment, and am going to do some 500 yards plinking, especially in anticipation of winter shooting.
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    A little .45LC loading this morning.

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    The 45-70 cartridge that took my bull moose yesterday was reloaded with a legacy Lee Loader (405 grn Woodleigh bullet, IMR3031)
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