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Thread: Manual Cleaning

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    Manual Cleaning

    I stumble upon this video.

    Just curious... Any one ever manual clean by hand?
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    I honestly do most of my cleaning manually, either with the steel wool or a green scrubby pad.
    A batch of 50 doesn't take long, and it goives you a good chance to examine everything.
    You don't want to do any more than about 50 though, the hands start cramping up pretty badly.
    Things aren't the shiniest they can be, but clean enough.
    If things are getting pretty grungy, into the wet tumbler they go.
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    I reloaded for 40 years without a case tumbler. Only since I got a semi auto rifle and handgun did I even consider anything needed more than a wipe with a paper towel before sizing, or w quick swipe with steel wool for carbon outside the neck. I use a brush dipped in graphite inside the neck just before sizing. The steel wool trick is a very old one used by reloaders for many years. Before I got a 223 or 9mm I usually only loaded 20-40 at a time except for 22-250 and 222 which were 100 at a time.

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    Only for less than 50 cases if i'm in a hurry to reload. Most of the time the wet tumbler is doing the job.
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    I started reloading with a green scrub pad and the case holder that you put in a drill from Lee. Used it on my only rifle cartridge 270 win. 9mm and 45 acp just went back through the press with the carbide dies. Now I polish with a Concrete Mixer, 46-L $189, 1000 - 2000 at a time. It was cheaper than a Lyman 2200 deluxe polisher. I have learned that it doesn't have to sparkle/gleam to shoot well. That never dull sukkkks. It stops working the day after you open the can.
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