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    Quote Originally Posted by Billythreefeathers View Post
    In BC, "beer beer" had a meaning: it was the slang expression for the beer made by the old Ben Ginter brewery in Prince George that became Pacific Western Brewing.

    This was back in the days of stubby bottles, and the packaging was plain brown cardboard with the word "Beer" in stencil on the side.

    So it became known as "beer beer".
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    I went to my uncles yesterday afternoon, I didn't plan it, but we ended up drinking all his beer and I passed out on the couch.
    Shot the sh.. about hunting and lobster fishing for the evening.

    Good times but I spent all of today feeling like my head has a woodchipper running inside of it.
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    Friday it was Glenlivet 18, Sat was Glenlivet 15 and tonight Glenlivet 10. Swish tomorrow!!

    My soccer team was sponsored by Pacific Western Brewing, 5 cases for a game and 10 cases for a tournament. Anyone who wanted a draft ball(144 glasses) just went and picked it up for your party. Its a wonder I have any teeth left.
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    Luksusowa and lime gatorade

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    I practically don't drink at all. Sometimes on the weekend there can be 1-2 glasses of beer.

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