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    Quote Originally Posted by Swingerguy View Post
    Let your wife know that it makes things less messy with regards to legal access to safes that have firearms in them if she has her pal/rpal also. If she has a pal and there are restricted firearms in the safe, she should not have access to them.
    This is just one internet strangers interpretation (I’m not a lawyer, I just play one on the internet)
    Plus it’s one more pal/rpal holder to stick it to the lefties.
    That's why my wife got her rpal, at 58, when people you grew up with start dropping dead, it's time to think about it. Guy at my range died about 2 years ago, his freind just finished selling all his, wife had no pal. hassle when there is a middle man selling guns. Not to mention my wife is now a converted, she would rather have guns in the house then not.

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