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    BP or a Crossbow?

    So what say ye for a primitive hunting purposes, a Excalibur Bulldog 440 or a Pedersoli Rocky Mountain Hawken in .054 cal?

    I have a couple nice compounds already but intrigued by the consistent extended range without near as much practice with the Bulldog but conversely have zero BP experience but do reload for all my smokeless stuff.... Bottom line, what would you rather carry into the woods with maximum confidence.

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    What’s not to love about big clouds of stinky smoke?

    I shoot a lot further with my in line than my .54 Italian Hawken. But the Hawken definitely has some charm. I’ve thought about a crossbow now and then, but they can’t be used in archery seasons here and have a lot of sticky out bits that I don’t think I’d enjoy carrying through the brush. The muzzleloader gets my nod, though I get my archery kicks out with the old string and stick (and cam, and carbon fibre....traditional?) earlier in the fall.
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    "...smokeless stuff..." Isn't the same thing. BP is loaded by volume vs mass like smokeless. If you're going to play with BP buy a copy of Lyman's BP Handbook and Reloading Guide.
    However, between the two it'd depend on where and what you're hunting. Either will do, but BP is far more sensitive to the wet. The type of action matters too. No licences to buy a flinter, but you need to learn how to hunt with one. Lock time is way longer.
    "...big clouds of stinky smoke..." Ever been to Hamilton, Ont. in July? snicker.

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