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Thread: Security preps

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    Quote Originally Posted by wai556 View Post
    In some other countries, you would find metal bar on all window ( even second floor ), sliding metal gates on the patio door, metal gate on all external door, and to top it off, the whole property is fenced up and the front gate are locked, sometimes the fence is a brick wall with broken glass/concertina wire on top. I don't see much of these type of security measures in Canada, is it because it affect the value of the house or something ? or people just don't like it, the jail house look .....
    Crime rates in most of Canada don't warrant going to those extremes. I live where I do so that I don't have to fortify the house like that. I've considered a fence right around the yardsite with a gate and I may do that some day. As mentioned in another post with enough time you can get through anything and in farm country if no one is home you have a lot of time to get in and can make all the noise you want, a cordless grinder and zip disc will get you through any bars or grates that are up in a hurry.
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    Just a little educational post.

    Cameras typically used in home security systems these days transmit their data back to your internet router in 2 ways. The first is wired (eithernet cable) The second is wireless (radio signal, the same as your laptop or phone communicate when you're logged onto your wireless network)

    Your camera needs power. There are three methods.
    1. Battery - must be charged or changed out every few days. This are not popular for exactly that reason.
    2. Power adapter - an adapter that plugs into a standard 110V wall outlet or extension cord, and runs a DC voltage, usually 5 or 12 volts
    3. Power over eithernet (POE). This allows you to run just one cable to the camera that handles both the digital video signal and the power requirements of the camera. NOTE: You are going to need the device you plug into, be it a router, or eithernet switch, to specifically say that it supplies POE. Personally, I bought an 8 port eithernet switch that does this. The power that's supplied to the camera is in the 48 volt range through 2 wires in the cable that aren't used for data transfer.

    I have 2 cameras. One runs off a wall adapter and the other is a POE. Can I plug the eithernet cable from the camera that uses an adapter into a switch or router that supplies POE power ? Will I blow up my non-POE camera ? Yes you can run a non-POE camera into a POE switch or router without damaging it. They just won't have an internal connection inside the camera for the 2 wires that are supplying POE on the least mine does, and everything I've read over the past while says that it's all good to do it. I haven't read anything that said don't do it because you'll damage your camera. My non-POE camera is doing fine plugged into a cable with POE on it.

    Can I use POE to power a camera that normally takes an adapter to power it ? No, you can not. You will still need to have it connected to the adapter/wall power even if you are running POE on your network

    Clear as mud ?
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