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    $600 Axe/Tomahawk Head (Handle Extra)

    They do have $130-$150 versions, but still...

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    The very next video that came up after the sales one was a French guy testing it in the bush with a handle he made. Every few swings he had to keep tightening the head. Eventually, it wouldnt tighten up anymore and he was afraid the head was going to come flying off and get lost. He never did take a good swing with it. Neat looking thing, but that's about as far as it goes in my book.
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    I’ve seen these before, sort of an interesting concept but I’ll stick to tying my Hults Brux to my pack. 10x the axe for 1/6th the price.
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    Seems gimmicky. I can do as much or more with a cheap hatchet and my leatherman. Count me out.

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    For $600US, it should be solid gold. Mind you, titanium is difficult stuff to machine. Isn't nearly heavy enough at 8.8 ounces either.

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    I think the $600 one must be more of a showpiece/trophy than an actual item they sell many of.

    Who would buy one instead of the regular $150 one that's likely an even better tool?
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