Was chatting about this in another thread, but don't want to hijack it.

I've been shooting all my life and have now just applied for my restricted. I'm very experienced with rifles, and have shot maybe 10 different handguns over the years. I intend to get into competition shooting eventually, (IPSC) from what I can tell so far, and am looking for an ideal all around steel framed gun. I'm looking for opinions of the following guns.

- CZ Shadow 2, which seems to be most popular comp gun out there at the moment. https://www.czub.cz/en/cz-shadow-2.html

- Walther Q5 Match SF - looks a bit odd, but it's been reviewed well. https://www.waltherarms.com/handguns...h-steel-frame/

- WC 92G - https://www.wilsoncombat.com/beretta...dier-tactical/

- SIG - P226 Legion https://www.sigsauer.com/store/p226-...full-size.html

My budget is $2K MAX

I intend to shoot once a week, and want something that's going to be fun to shoot, looks cool, and be more accurate than me. I will eventually buy a 1911, but that's down the road. I've narrowed it down to these, but am totally open to suggestions. Any help would be much appreciated.