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    Made in Canada Scythe

    I provide users with quality European scythe blades, ergonomic snaths and sharpening accessories. For a complete positive experience with the scythe, one needs to satisfy three main aspects: a properly fitted tool, good maintenance skills and proper mowing technique.

    If you're interested in hosting a Scythe Workshop in your area,
    please contact me.

    I hope that you find information on these pages useful."

    - Alexander Vido

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    And another tidbit:

    I do not sell The Scythe Book.
    Instead, the chapters from The Scythe Must Dance (the practical "Addendum" by Peter Vido) are posted for the reading and printing for free here. Most have been revised, as should be, from time to time, any instructional text written by one who is still learning. Normally this would be accomplished in co-operation with the publisher whenever another printing of the original book is made. However, we were not given the opportunity to do so, even though other printings have been made since the second edition's publication in 2001, and we have therefore opted to make the improved material accessible free of charge for anyone.

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    moved close to the lake.Some call it Gilford.
    Best use ever.
    cookin' up a batch of fun (and pasta)

    Can I Hear A Ramen!!!

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    They have section all about use, sharpening, fitting, etc.

    Including a free PDF/book

    Equestrian use not detailed, nor is the proper album referenced...

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    Sir Veyor,

    I have used a scythe for odd patches of grass /hay for the last 50 years, and still enjoy the sound of a well sharpened blade as it slices through the grass.

    The little lass on the "Rise of the scythe" video seems pretty handy at it, like she's fierce! I don't mean that in a bad way, the lass has energy!

    I think the best blades I've used were Hungarian.

    No need to exercise if you use a scythe!

    BTW, In the Indian video, I'm surprised some didn't get their feet chopped off....standing so close to the user!

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