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    Thanks for the help KTfeich, went and got local RCMP to print out a FRT with todays date on it so should be good to carry in bush now, hopefully.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RangeBob View Post
    You can get a "it's an antique" letter from the RCMP. Occasionally I've seen Webley's for sale, with the letter. I have no idea how to go about getting such.[/code]
    You call the CFC to get the ball rolling. They usually ask for pictures. This is not something one usually does for a MkI or MkII but for a mkIII or for other pistols like the Mauser 'broomhandle' where some are antique and some aren't.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dewey Cox View Post
    Here's a question on the topic:
    Can an antique status pistol be registered if someone wanted to?
    Fun fact, the process of getting an antique letter involves registering the gun in your name, then the record is marked as antique and de-registered _from your name_. The record for the pistol remains though so if you ever lose your antique letter, getting it reprinted is very simple.

    With those same broomhandles, the process of proving that they are antique is not very simple, I know of a pistol that was imported, registered and was rejected as an antique. It stayed restricted for a number of years until one of the owners was able to prove it antique and deregister it.

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