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    CSSA Commentary - e-news April 24 2019

    After Crime Reduction Minister Bill Blair released his long-awaited engagement report, we told you a national gun ban was off the table “for now.”

    Many questioned what “for now” meant, so we thought we'd make it a little clearer.

    We meant – barring an unforeseen shooting before Parliament rises in June – our guns are safe until after Election 2019.

    What “for now” means after Election 2019 depends on who sits in the Prime Minister’s office once all the votes are counted.

    Minister Blair's report gave us a temporary reprieve, not a victory. Yes, his report says 81% of Canadians oppose banning handguns, but this report is utterly meaningless if the Liberal Party wins another mandate.

    Minister Blair reported on the opinions of Canadians. The opinions of Canadians are as irrelevant as the safety records of millions of gun owners when they conflict with the ideology of the Liberal Party. As they have shown many times when it comes to guns, the Liberals don't care about democracy.

    Should they be re-elected, a national ban on handguns and semi-automatic rifles will be introduced faster than you can say Election Night Victory.

    Let's call a spade a spade. There is only one political party that can lead us out of this unprecedented media assault. Anything short of a Conservative majority government in Election 2019 and the Liberals will take your lawfully acquired, owned and used firearms. (Please don't extol the virtues of the Bernier Party to us. We are aware of Mr. Bernier's self-decreed policies, but we also know politics. A vote for Bernier is a vote for the Liberals. Vote smart please.)

    Thankfully, that gun-smelter isn’t in view yet.

    The good news is we can still stop it, but only if we act quickly.
    Now is the time to educate your fellow gun owners.
    Now is the time to educate members of your family and your community.

    Now is the time to educate our fellow citizens so, come Election Day, we vote for a government that's not out to destroy our culture of safety, our heritage and our peaceful way of life.

    If gun owners across Canada don't get fired up and vote (and vote to save their firearms) those gun-smelters will surely be fired up on October 22, 2019.

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