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    Quote Originally Posted by RangeBob View Post
    Discrimination is bad. Positive/reverse discrimination is bad, for the same reasons.

    Of the various MPs justin could have chosen as ministers, he didn't choose the best of even what he had. Thus the advice in cabinet was less than it could have been, at a time when he was already at a personal and a staffing disadvantage.

    The effect of that is what we're seeing now.
    He preferred gender/equality over qualifications
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    Quote Originally Posted by tdod101 View Post
    He preferred gender/equality over qualifications
    There is some irony that he wanted to force gender pronouns on us all by law,
    but although he didn't understand which qualifications actually mattered for these positions,
    he did understand male/female and went with that as his primary qualification for the sound bite, all other considerations secondary.

    "Priority one.
    Insure 50-50 split in cabinet by binary sex.
    All other considerations secondary.
    Country expendable."
    -- Mother, Special Order 937

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