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    Quote Originally Posted by soulchaser View Post

    I suspect Sask will appeal.

    If Ontario wins, the feds will appeal. If the feds win, Ontario will appeal.

    If Manitoba wins, the feds will appeal. If the feds win, Manitoba will appeal.

    I assume Alberta will launch a challange and the sam will happen. If Alberta wins the feds will appeal. If the Feds win Alberta will appeal.

    I think this will eventually go before the SCoC where all the provinces will join an fight together
    If just one province wins does that beat this for everyone or just that province? SCC rulings would be country wide correct?
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    Quote Originally Posted by LB303 View Post
    It's all moot if the CPC gets in
    Not exactly. It also has a chance to set precedent or move the bar for provinces or federal perceived “rights and controls”. If the feds win, then getting their fingers into more provincial areas is a given. O+G industry among the first, DFO even more than now. If the provonces prevail, a smaller shift pushing back on other federal oversight can occur.

    This can affect the decentralization vs centralized power in a lot of ways.

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    Courts are supposed to rule on matters of law, not pass off opinions on matters of science. That is pure conjecture

    I guarantee that the Liberals would be howling if those statements went against their climate cult, regardless of how the tax ruling went.

    This is a dangerous miscarriage of justice and the result of too many decades of empowering the courts to do the jobs that parliament doesn't want to.
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    BUt, the CPC, once in power can simply pass legislation replacing 3 of the judges sitting on the Sask appeals court. What are they going to say.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark-II View Post
    Courts are supposed to rule on matters of law, not pass off opinions on matters of science. That is pure conjecture
    Courts do get to decide if it's reliable science or not.
    For example, DNA -- the science had to be proven in court before it was accepted.
    For example, Wendy's junk scientific documents -- the 'science' was rejected by the court.
    There's a long tradition of this, and it's taught in law school, because of the crap that gets presented as expert evidence.

    "A man with one watch knows exactly what time it is. A man with two watches has no idea whatsoever."
    In court, if you have one expert then you accept his opinion as fact. If you have two experts, you have no idea whatsoever.
    (Sometimes, by Law, one expert trumps all others. For example a Chief Building Official in that jurisdiction testifying trumps all other building code inspectors in the world, including his own who did the inspection even if they have more degrees and accreditation. Courts literally must take the CBO's opinion over all others relating to buildings in his jurisdiction. Obviously this is different than Chief Firearms Officers where the Firearms Act specifically says that judges may review CFOs decisions and revoke them if unreasonable, and judges order the CFO to do a different actions.)

    Courts do not conduct research, at least not in court during a trial.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LB303 View Post
    It's all moot WHEN the CPC gets in

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