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    School me on alternate AR calibres.


    As I have mentioned on other threads, I went from 1 x AR to 4 x AR last week, two fulls and two stripped lowers.

    Doing my mental gymnastics, I would like to make one of those lowers my spare parts gun that will get all of my dropped parts like a cocking handle I replaced, trigger group I will replace, etc, and that will be a 5.56/223 gun.

    But that got me thinking that with the last lower, nothing is saying my last build has to be 5.56/223.

    I've been generally tracking these sorts of things in the background, but I never really cared much because I never thought I'd build an AR or have an AR15 in a different calibre (other than the Stag 10).

    I'd appreciate the help of AR builders out there, though, either for advice on "no-go" calibrers or "must-have" calibres.

    I think (but I'm not sure) that anything long is completely off the table, like conventional 30-cal offerings, which leaves (not exhaustive, just the main ones):

    - 22LR or pistol calibre such as 9mm. Presumably would require a magwell adapter? Cheap to fire, I like the 9mm possibility.
    - 300 Blackout/Whisper or 7.62x39. I'd go with the 7.62x39 out of these two as it can share SKS ammo, but I've heard that people have problems because of the cone-like brass and banana-shape mags?
    - I would not do 6.5 Grendel or 6.8 SPC because it would be too close to the Stag 10 in terms of function/use.
    - 458 SOCOM or 50 Beowulf, now we're talking, and an excuse to get more Beowulf mags
    - Single shot 50BMG upper when those come up for sale on Canada Ammo.

    I know there are more, but those are the common-ish ones.

    The leading contenders I can think of offhand are 9mm, 50 Beowulf, or the 50 BMG single shot options, but I admit that I don't know much. 9mm would be the most useful because I'd use it all the time at the range for new shooters to go from 22 to 5.56 now that I got rid of my Beretta CX4 Storm (awesome gun, world's worst trigger). 50 Beowulf would hust be for fun, but I kind of already have that with my 44 Magnum revolver, so if I'm not getting a 9mm I may as well just go crazy and get the 50 BMG upper the next time I have the funds.

    Any advice you may have on projects you've done in those calibres would be much appreciated, thank you.
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    I ran a .22 upper on a DPMS with zero issues. It used a special mag and utilized 10/22 parts for the bolt. Can't recall the brand name, I'll have to dig around and see if I can find a model/manufacturer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Camo tung View Post
    I ran a .22 upper on a DPMS with zero issues. It used a special mag and utilized 10/22 parts for the bolt. Can't recall the brand name, I'll have to dig around and see if I can find a model/manufacturer.
    That's fine, thanks. No need to dig up any work in that direction because I'm pretty sure I'm not going 22.

    If I go lower powered I'm doing 9mm, not because I don't love 22LR, but because I love 22LR a lot and I already have a ton of them.

    I don't have a PCC anymore, though.
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    I have a 7.62x39, no problems there, I use 10 round pistol mags in it, just like my 5.56

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    I've got a sweet 9mm AR and love it. Mine is an older Old Arms conversion that uses Sten mags.

    I've got three 300 BLK uppers (7", 10" and 12"). The 300 BLK is superior to the 7.62x39 because it uses the same mags and bolt as 223/556 and because it works really well with subsonic ammo. It is the reloaders nirvana that cartridge. So ..... many ..... combinations to play with.

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    The 450 Bushmaster really does something for me, and it's so much prettier than the Socom.
    Both have a whole bunch of stomp, if ever we could be trusted to play with fun guns in the bush.

    One of the 6.5 - 6.8 ones would be nice as a longer range toy, too.
    Plus your 9mm, the 5.56 and the 5.56 for the cast-off parts, it would seem you need to buy another reciever.
    Or two
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    224 Valkyrie has me interested.
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    I had one lower that I ran 22 LR, 223/556 and 9mm from. I ran a M16 hammer and a heavy buffer. Seemed to work find with all 3 calibers. To shoot 9mm, I just swapped uppers, and loaded in a mag adapter that went in like a mag, then was a allen screw you tighten.

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    Here is a list of calibers only changing barrel( keeping original bolt face,fit in magwell)

    1. .14-222

    2. .14/221 Walker Fireball
    3. .17 Javelina

    4. .17 Mach IV

    5. .17 Remington Fireball

    6. .17-222

    7. .17-223

    8. 5mm-223 Forker

    9. .19-221

    10. .19-223 Calhoon

    11. .20 EXTREME

    12. .20 Practical

    13. .20 Tactical

    14. .20 VarTarg Turbo

    15. .20 VarTarg

    16. .20-222

    17. .22 Nosler

    18. .22 Tuason Craig Micromagnum

    19. .221 Remington Fireball

    20. .222 Remington Improved

    21. .222 Remington

    22. .223 Ackley Improved

    23. 22 TCM 9R

    24. 5.56x24mm Rowell

    25. .24 Nosler

    26. 6mm TCU

    27. 6mm-223 Remington (6x45mm)

    28. .25 Ugalde / .25 TCU

    29. .25-222 Copperhead

    30. .25-223 Remington

    31. .25-45 Sharps

    32. .256 Universal/.256 Ferret

    33. 6.5mm TCU

    34. .277 Wolverine

    35. 7mm TCU

    36. .30 Apache/.30-223

    37. .300 AAC Blackout (7.62x35mm)

    38. .300 HAM'R

    39. .300 Whisper

    40. 7.62x40 Wilson Tactical (WT)

    41. .32 North American Arms

    42. .338-223 Straight

    43. .380 Auto (9mm Kurz)

    44. 9mm Ultra (9x18mm)

    45. 9x23mm Largo (Bergmann-Bayard)

    46. 9x23mm Steyr

    47. .356 TSW

    48. .350 Legend

    Changing the bolt face will give you 395 option a whole lot I've never heard of

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    In terms of fun factor, if you like stomp, than the 50Beowulf is hard to beat. I got a 458SOCOM on clear out, but have not had time to get it set up.

    .22LR, I know you said that you're not doing. For anyone that DOES do it, do it right and buy a proper 1:16 .22lr chambered barrel and appropriate kit.

    They are not terrifically precise, but they are more so than the chamber adapter in a .223 is.

    Plus when I went to a faster twist, like 1:8 from 1:12, with the chamber adapter the barrel leaded up like a champ in no time.

    The blackout...meh... I did not find it terribly exciting or accurate. I have a pet theory that the vast majority (read all) of those barrels are chambered and throated and rifled to optimize shooting big long heavy subsonics, rather than short light supersonic (my preference). I went with 7.62x39 with that in mind, though I don't know if I'm going to pursue reloading at this point.

    I've never held on to a pistol calibre anything for very long. They are neither fish nor fowl for what I do for fun. Plus blow back rifle actions suck when you're left handed (.22lr sucks in smaller, less face-burning, doses)

    So I'm basically .22 for short range, .223 when I'm playing at can't-see-diddly-without-muh-scope ranges (not as far are you might assume), and 50 for can't-see-it-with-these-%(*&^#$-irons-but-it-makes-me-giggle-and-hurt-and-stuff-sure-does-get-wrecked.
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